Diamond Boutique

Jewellery Valuations

No bookings are required to leave your piece with us for valuation. Valuations are generally completed within 4 business days, and include a photograph and replacement value for the item.

Our valuations are completed by Olivia Keppie who is a member of the National Council of Jewellery Valuers (NCJV - ncjv.com.au). The NCJV is an elite group of highly trained valuers, of which there are only 3 in Canberra (source: ncjv.com.au). In order to achieve NCJV accreditation, Olivia's training consisted of over 3 years of dedication, including study in fields such as Gemmology and Diamond Grading.

As with everything we do, you can expect only the highest attention to detail and quality of work from our valuation services. Using a valuer who is registered with the NCJV is essential. All members of the NCJV are bound by a code of ethics which ensures that your right to the highest quality standards is always upheld. While many jewellers may be able to offer an estimated value for your piece, many insurance agencies will insist that a qualified and registered valuer provide a valuation before insurance is offered. NCJV Certified valuers such as Olivia are able to give accurate descriptions of your piece, including whether your stones are natural or synthetic or whether your Diamond has been fracture filled, so you can be confident that what is on your valuation matches your piece perfectly.

Pricing for our valuations varies, as per the below:

  • Plain gold pieces start at $50
  • Diamond items from $99
  • Coloured stone items from $139

All items are assessed on a case by case basis and pricing is subject to change without notice.