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Advantages of Handmade Jewellery

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The process of hand crafting jewellery has been practiced for centuries. However most of the jewellery found in chain store jewellery retailers is made by the casting / moulding process. This is where a wax model of a piece of jewelley is made, which is then used to make a plaster mould. This mould is then filled with metal to create a piece of jewellery that can be reproduced many times.

Handmaking jewellery, like any trade skill, takes years of training to refine. It takes a well trained jeweller a great deal of time and focus to create a piece of jewellery. One very important difference between handmade and cast is in the molecules of the metal. When worked (hammered, tempered and rolled) by hand metals are made stronger. The molecules become flattened and stacked like a brick wall. This gives the molecules a greater surface area and therefore the metal is denser and has more tension. This in turn means that the metal has a greater resistance to to bending, is stronger and more durable.

When metal is cast (not worked by hand) the molecules are separated and far apart creating a less stable structure and the possibility of fracturing due to air bubbles between the molecules.

At Diamond Boutique we believe that the jewellery we create should be unique and loved for generations, not years. We specialise in quality custom hand made creations that will last the test of time.

Molecular alignment in mass produced / cast jewellery

Molecular alignment in hand crafted jewellery

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Why hand made jewellery is better than mass produced

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